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Money&Power (One Stop Integrated Data Source) publishes data about the assets, incomes, and expenditures declared by high public officials. Such data were either declared in a certain year or before the public official took office. In any case, the respective documents contain the date in which it was submitted to the High Inspectorate of Declaration of Assets in Albania (HIDAA). Such declarations are made not only by the public officials themselves, but also by their family members, who are subject to declaration in accordance with the national legislation. Annual declarations contain information about the incomes of the respective year, properties gained during the declaring year, and expenditures, which according to the law, should be declared. The high public officials subject to such declaration include: the President of the Republic, Members of the Council of Ministers, and Mayors of main Municipalities, Members of Parliament, high-level Judges, Chief Prosecutor, and directors of independent institutions. The information they declare is published and made transparent in order to inform the public about the economic interests and assets of the high public official, who represent and govern the country. The data published under Money & Power are interlinked with those published under the Open Corporates Albania moneyPowerDesc2

Officials List (Total: 57)

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Subjct Name Position Institution
Ilmi HOXHA Major 2019-2023 Municipality Klos
Ina RAMA General prosecutor - Judge - Judge KPA Court of First Instance , Lushnja - KPA - General Prosecutor Office
Ina ZHUPA Deputy Election 2021 Albanian Parliament
Indrit BUKA Major Municipality of Shijak
Insidor REXHEPI Adviser KPK
Irena BRAHIMI Judge Court of Appeal Gjirokaster
Irena ÇUNOTI Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office of the Korçe Judicial District
Irena GJOKA Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Irena PLAKU Judge - Judge
Irida JAHO Adviser KPK
Irma BALLI Prosecutor Court of Appeal Korçe
Irma KOPLIKU Member of Parliament Albanian Parliament
Isa JATA Prosecutor - Prosecutor - Prosecutor Tirana's First Instance Court Prosecution - Prosecutor's Office of the Tirana Judicial District - General Prosecutor's Office
Isa SAKJA Major 2015 Municipality of Kavaja
Ismet BEQIRAJ Deputy Election 2021 - Member of Parliament Legislative IX Albanian Parliament - Albanian Parliament
Isuf ÇELAJ Deputy Election 2021 - Member of Parliament - Member of Parliament Legislative IX Albanian Parliament - Albanian Parliament - Albanian Parliament
Izmira ULQINAKU Member of Parliament Legislative IX Albanian Parliament