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Money&Power (One Stop Integrated Data Source) publishes data about the assets, incomes, and expenditures declared by high public officials. Such data were either declared in a certain year or before the public official took office. In any case, the respective documents contain the date in which it was submitted to the High Inspectorate of Declaration of Assets in Albania (HIDAA). Such declarations are made not only by the public officials themselves, but also by their family members, who are subject to declaration in accordance with the national legislation. Annual declarations contain information about the incomes of the respective year, properties gained during the declaring year, and expenditures, which according to the law, should be declared. The high public officials subject to such declaration include: the President of the Republic, Members of the Council of Ministers, and Mayors of main Municipalities, Members of Parliament, high-level Judges, Chief Prosecutor, and directors of independent institutions. The information they declare is published and made transparent in order to inform the public about the economic interests and assets of the high public official, who represent and govern the country. The data published under Money & Power are interlinked with those published under the Open Corporates Albania moneyPowerDesc2

Officials List (Total: 1431)

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Subjct Name Position Institution
Floreta FABER Ambasador Albanian Embassy in USA
Florian BONJAKU Prosecutor - Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office of the Lushnje Judicial District - Prosecutor's Office of the Kruje Judicial District
Florian BORIÇI Prosecutor Court of the Kruje Judicial District
Florjan KALAJA Judge Tirana High Court
Florjana KOKA Major Municipality of Saranda
Florjon MIMA Member of Parliament Legislative IX Albanian Parliament
Flutura AÇKA Deputy Election 2021 Albanian Parliament
Flutura SKËNDERI Judge Court of Appeal
Fran FRROKAJ Major 2015 Municipality of Lezha
Fran PRENDI Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Fran TUCI Major 2015 - Major 2019-2023 Municipality of Fushe-Arrez - Municipality Fushë-Arrëz
Françesk GANAJ Prosecutor Court of the Lezhe Judicial District
Franceskina LEKANI Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office of the Shkodër
Fredi KOKONESHI Major - Major 2019-2023 Municipality of Divjakë - Municipality Divjakë
Frida KRIFCA Council of Ministers III Mandate - Director Albanian Parliament
Fuat VJERDHA Judge Gjykata e Apelit Shkoder
Gani DIZDARI Judge Constitutional Court
Gazmend BARBULLUSHI Secretary General Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Gazment BARDHI Deputy Election 2021 - Legal Advisor Albanian Parliament - The Democratic Parliementary Group
Gelardina PRODANI Secretary General Ministry of Finance
Genard DYLQESHI Adviser KPK
Genc PECANI Ambasador Albanian Embassy in Prague
Genc POLLO Member of Parliament Legislative IX Albanian Parliament
Genci GJEÇI State Owned Company Administrator Shoqëria Operatori i Kombinuar i Gazit Natyror AlbGaz sh.a
Genci MANE Officer of Judicial Police - Prosecutor - Prosecutor Prosecution Office of Berat - Prosecution Office of Fier - Fieri's First Instance Court Prosecution
Genci MUÇAJ Ambasador - Ambasador Albanian Embassy in Turkey - Albanian Embassy in Turkey
Genci QANA Prosecutor - Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office of the Tirana Judicial District - Serious Crimes Prosecution
Genci RULI Member of Parliament Albanian Parliament
Genci SINJARI Judge - Judge Court of the Berat Judicial District - Administrative Court of First Instance Durrës
Gent CAKAJ Council of Ministers II Mandate Council of Ministers
Gent GAZHELI Customs Official
Gent IBRAHIMI Board Member - Member of KLP National Council of Radio and Television - Supreme Prosecutorial Council
Gent SEJKO Governor Bank of Albania
Gent STRAZIMIRI Member of Parliament Legislative IX Albanian Parliament
Genta TAFA (BUNGO) Commissioner KPK KPK
Genti DOKOLLARI Judge Korce District Court
Genti SHALA Judge Court of Appeal
Genti XHOLI Prosecutor - Prosecutor Prosecutor's Office of the Tiranë Judicial District - Court of Appeal Tiranë
Gentian BEJKO Member of Parliament Albanian Parliament
Gentian BERBERI Director of State Police