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Treasury Transaction is a service provided by AIS for ensuring information, transparency, and civic monitoring and accountability. Such service enables taxpayers to learn how their tax money is spent by their government and public institutions. The main source for such data is the Expenditure System of the Treasury Central Office. The information provided by AIS through its two portals, Spending Data Albania and Open Data Albania, contains all details about every payment, and treasury transaction carried out by the 1600 budgetary institutions in the country starting from January 2012. The data are updated on weekly basis, and are accessible, usable, and reusable by all those interested. For more detailed information on Treasury Transactions 2012, please contact us at You may also make a donation to help AIS continue offering this and other services on AIS bank account. Analyzing the records offered by this well-structured database, you may understand and monitor the following":

  • How public administration spends the money
  • Where did the funds go
  • How much is paid for different services/ cases.
  • How much money did a specific company receive from a specific institution in a period of time?
  • How much money each institute spent?
  • How much money was spent in short period of times?

  • Budget Institutions list
  • Suppliers List
  • Lista e plote e Kategori Shpenzimi
  • * Vetem Transaksionet 2014 pas Shkurtit jane kategorizuara sipas tipit te shpenzimit.

    Summary Results

    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Transactions Value Transactions Count Value Interval Interval (Registration Date) Interval (Execution Date)
    All INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA All 2,704,442,641.00 2,866 All => =>


    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Value Date registered Date executed Receipt No payment_reason Receipt Description
    Drejtoria Rajonale Tatimore Fier (0909) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Fier 647,345 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 25810100492014 Shperblime per rezultate ne pune Tatimet 1010049 shperblime viti 2014
    Komuna Synej (3513) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Kavaje 1,805,420 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 24524740012014 Pagese paaftesie KOMUNA SYNEJ PAAFTESI DHJETOR 2014
    Bashkia Korce (1515) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Korçe 1,519,100 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 78421220012014 Ndihme ekonomike BASHKIA KORCE NDIHME EKONOMIKE NENTOR 2014
    Drejtoria Arsimore Lezhe (2020) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Lezhe 16,650 2014-12-19 2014-12-23 25810110202014 Shtesa page te tjera DREJT ARSIM LEZHE LIK ORE QEND KULT FEMIJEVE SIPAS LIST-PAGESES
    Qendra Ekonomike Kultures (3333) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Shkoder 9,000 2014-12-23 2014-12-23 27121410132014 Shpenzime per honorare 2141013 dega ekonomike kultures , shpenzime honorare salloni i vjeshtes 1 persona
    Shkolla "Elektrike", Tirane (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 56,070 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 10910110782014 Te tjera transferta tek individet Shkolla Teknike Elektrike shp dalje ne pension urdh 662 dt 19.12.2014 bor 22.12.2014
    Mini Bashkia 3 (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 12,191,725 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 23321011392014 Pagese paaftesie Min Bashk Nr.3 Lik Paaftesi,ndih ekon vkb 25 dt 15.12.2014 konf 5785/1 dt 18.12.2014 vend 11 dt 01.12.2014
    Qendra Kombetare e Regjistrimit (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 17,259 2014-12-19 2014-12-23 21710040932014 Shpenzime te tjera transporti 602 QKR shpenzime transporti,shkrese nr 7714/2 dt 14.11.2014,bordero bashkamgjitur
    Kuvendi Popullor (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 914,718 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 100110020012014 Shpenzime kompesimi per anetaret e parlamentit dhe zyrtare te tjera te zgjedhur Kuvendi shpenzime deputetet liste pagese 20.12.2014 vendim nr 63/2013 statusi deputetit 18.11.1999 nr 8550 i ndryshuar
    Aparati i Akademise (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 13,500 2014-12-23 2014-12-23 47710220012014 Te tjera transferta tek individet 606 AKADEMIA E SHKENCAVE paga per titull akademik 15-31 dhjetor 2014, VKM 399 DT 27.03.2008;VKM 787 DT 24.09.2010,BORDERO dhjetor 2014 nr punonjsve pl 60/fakt 1
    Shkolla e Magjistratures (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 28,800 2014-12-19 2014-12-23 30310550012014 Shpenzime per honorare SHKOLLA E MAGJISTRATURES honorare urdh 90 dt 18.12.2014 bordero
    Agjencia per Zhvillimin Bujqesor dhe Rural (AZHBR) (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 3,876,611 2014-12-19 2014-12-23 37810051172014 Te tjera transferta tek individet AZHBR Subvencion investim masen 50%, Skema 20,ngritje amb.mbareshtim e thertore.kafshesh, 173 dt 26.03.2014 udhez. perb. nr 4 dt 11.04.2014 autorizim pagese nr 5252dt 12.12.14,per "Skanderbeg"shpk. Tirane,lis.pgnr 378dt 19..12..2014
    Aparati Drejt.Pergj.Tatimeve (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 11,000 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 110310100392014 Udhetim i brendshem DREJT PERGJ TATIMEVE . lik dieta br vendit urdher dt 2.4.2014, listpag dt 19.12.2014
    Autoriteti Rrugor Shqiptar (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 3,384,631 2014-12-15 2014-12-23 149610060542014 Shpenz. per rritjen e AQT - konstruksione te rrugeve ARSH - Shkresa Nr 2472/1 dt 09.12.14 D.P Vendimi Nr. 13 VKM Nr 132 dt 20.02.13 Shpronesim Segmenti Rrugor "By Pass Shkozet
    Nd-ja Tregut Lire (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 160,000 2014-12-19 2014-12-23 43021010492014 Shpenzime per ekzekutim te vendimeve gjyqesore per largim nga puna drejt e pergj e taksa vend VENDIM GJYQI ROZETA DIBRA URDHER 165 DT 21.11.14
    Qendra Kombetare e veprimtarive Folklorike (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 4,500 2014-12-23 2014-12-23 20010120122014 Te tjera transferime korrente 1012012 QKVF 602 pagese cmimi I per qendisjen me te mire,urdher nr 101dt 05.12.2014 bordero dt 22.12.2014
    Qendra Kombetare Kulturore e Femijeve (3535) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Tirane 3,600 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 18510120092014 Te tjera transferime korrente 1012009 QKK FEMIJEVE Hoorare urdher drejtori 05.12.14 miratuar ngabordi artistik 13/4 dt.14.10.14
    Bashkia Vlore (3737) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Vlore 22,790,620 2014-12-22 2014-12-23 74621460012014 Pagese paaftesie INVALIDE BASHKIA 2146001 DHJETOR
    Bashkia Vlore (3737) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Vlore 27,275,430 2014-12-23 2014-12-23 74721460012014 Pagese paaftesie INVALIDE JANAR BASHKIA 2146001
    Bashkia Vlore (3737) INTESA SANPAOLO BANK ALBANIA Vlore 847,182 2014-12-23 2014-12-23 75821460012014 Shpenz. per rritjen e AQT - te tjera per konstruksionin e rrugeve, urave, rrjeteve SHPRONESIME SEGMENTI SKELE UJI FTOHTE BASHKIA 2146001