Treasury Monitoring for Local Government

Manual mbi Integrimin e Shërbimit në një Web tjetër

This manual intends to show how to integrate to another portal all the services provided in Open Data format and well-structured datasets of this Platform.The service offers information on payments made via treasury transactions on behalf of six Local Government Units and namely Berat, Elbasan, Kuçova, Korça, Lushnja and Fier municipalities. For the purpose of information and analysis, during 2014 period and following, the entirety of entities part of the current unit was considered as Local Government Unit in compliance with Law no. 115, dated 31.07.2014, on the administrative – territorial division of the local government units in the Republic of Albania.

These data are displayed in the format of open data as structured data concerning shape, which everybody can find, utilize and reuse without any restriction. Information of this service is convertible into JSON and exportable in EXCEL format.

Integration of the service: Monitoring (Filters for) Treasury Transaction Payments for these six Local Government units can be realized at an official web of a municipality, or at any other type of web. The process of integrating the service into another web can be attained by everyone, who performs maintenance and data entering into the web. Integration of this service into an official web leads to making the Local Government Units more Transparent and able to Monitored. Information offered by this service provides to citizens not only a useful feedback, but also enables their reaction.

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