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Treasury Transaction is a service provided by AIS for ensuring information, transparency, and civic monitoring and accountability. Such service enables taxpayers to learn how their tax money is spent by their government and public institutions. The main source for such data is the Expenditure System of the Treasury Central Office. The information provided by AIS through its two portals, Spending Data Albania and Open Data Albania, contains all details about every payment, and treasury transaction carried out by the 1600 budgetary institutions in the country starting from January 2012. The data are updated on weekly basis, and are accessible, usable, and reusable by all those interested. For more detailed information on Treasury Transactions 2012, please contact us at You may also make a donation to help AIS continue offering this and other services on AIS bank account. Analyzing the records offered by this well-structured database, you may understand and monitor the following":

  • How public administration spends the money
  • Where did the funds go
  • How much is paid for different services/ cases.
  • How much money did a specific company receive from a specific institution in a period of time?
  • How much money each institute spent?
  • How much money was spent in short period of times?

  • Budget Institutions list
  • Suppliers List
  • Lista e plote e Kategori Shpenzimi
  • * Vetem Transaksionet 2014 pas Shkurtit jane kategorizuara sipas tipit te shpenzimit.

    Summary Results

    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Transactions Value Transactions Count Value Interval Interval (Registration Date) Interval (Execution Date)
    All All All 358,384,471,709.00 264,746 All => =>


    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Value Date registered Date executed Receipt No payment_reason Receipt Description
    Drejtoria e Pyjeve Berat (0202) INSTITUTI I SIGURIMEVE SH.A. Berat 9,530 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 174260042014 Shpenzimet e siguracionit te mjeteve te transportit Drejtoria Pyjore 1026004,likujdim fature dt.30.12.2014
    Drejtoria e Pyjeve Berat (0202) BEJKO Berat 17,880 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 176260042014 Shpenzime per mirembajtjen e mjeteve te transportit Drejtoria Pyjore 1026004,likujdim fature dt.30.12.2014
    Prefektura e qarkut Berat (0202) VJOLLCA LOGU Berat 88,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 41210160592014 Te tjera materiale dhe sherbime speciale prefektura berat lik fat dhjetor 2014 materiale speciale
    Komuna Kutalli (0202) ALPHA BANK -- ALBANIA Berat 375,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 30323030012014 Grant per femije te lindur Komuna kutalli shpernlim lindje 2303001
    Paraburgimi Berat (0202) BANKA CREDINS Berat 12,328 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 14410140512014 Shtese page per pune ne turne te dyta dhe te treta Paraburgimi berat ore nate 1014051
    Dega e Thesarit Berat (0202) OPERATORI I SHPERNDARJES SE ENERGJISE ELEKTRIKE Berat 18,244 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 14110100022014 Elektricitet 1010002 Dega e thesarit Berat per energjin kontrata BE1A120001015244 1010002
    Dega e Thesarit Berat (0202) LUAN XHAFKOLLARI Berat 35,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 14410100022014 Shpenzime per mirembajtjen e aparateve, paisjeve teknike dhe veglave te punes Dega e thesarit berat per riparim kondisioneresh luan xhfkollari 1010002
    Komuna Sinje (0202) SHAMO-CONSTRUCTION Berat 162,535 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 22323060012014 Garanci te vitit vazhdim per sipermarje punimesh,Te Dala komuna sinje berat pagese garanci punimi ujesjelle
    Komuna Sinje (0202) RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A Berat 10,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 22423060012014 Udhetim i brendshem komuna sinje berat djeta sherbimi
    Qendra Lira (0202) ALBTELEKOM SH.A. Berat 5,599 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 12621020202014 Sherbime telefonike 2102020 Qendra Lira 2102020 likujdim klienti 310001839352,fatura dt.30.11.2014
    Drejtoria e Pyjeve Berat (0202) ORNELA DAUTI Berat 9,000 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 17510260042014 Materiale per funksionimin e pajisjeve te zyres Drejtoria Pyjore 1026004,likujdim fature 21.dt.30.12.2014
    Bashkia Berat (0202) RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A Berat 16,600 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 77821020012014 Ndihme ekonomike Bashkia Berat 2102001,ndihme ekonomike
    Komuna Lumas (0202) POSTA SHQIPTARE SH.A Berat 73,494 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 24623050012014 Ndihme ekonomike komuna lumas pagese shperblim per ndihme ekonomike
    Prefektura e qarkut Berat (0202) HYSEN QOJLE Berat 1,182,500 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 41010160592014 Shpenzime per ekzekutim te vendimeve gjyqesore per largim nga puna prefektura berat pagese vendim gjyqesor per Namir Lapardhaja
    Drejtoria e Bujqesise Berat (0202) SEKTORI I TATIMEVE TE TJERA BERAT Berat 4,784 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 25310050022014 Te tjera transferta tek individet Drejtoria e Bujqesise 1005002, tatim ne burim per shperblim per dalje ne pension
    Bordi i Kullimit Berat (0202) ZYRA E RREGJ.PASURISE KUCOVE Berat 28,000 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 25610050672014 Shpenzime per tatime dhe taksa te paguara nga institucioni Bordi i kullimit per zrpp kucove 1005067
    Komuna Velabisht (0202) DREJT. PERGJ. E SHERB. TRANS. RRUG. Berat 93,713 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 40823080012014 Shpenzimet e siguracionit te mjeteve te transportit Komuna Velabisht 2308001,likujdim fature nr 163403834.dt.30.12.2014
    Bashkia Berat (0202) BILBIL MUHAMETANJI Berat 9,140 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 77021020012014 Furnizime dhe materiale te tjera zyre dhe te pergjishme Bashkia Berat 2102001,likujdim fature dt.03.12.2014
    Bashkia Berat (0202) C.E.C-11 Berat 33,422 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 78021020012014 Shpenz. per rritjen e AQT - ndertesa shkollore Bashkia Berat 2102001,likujdim fature dt.10.12.2014
    Bashkia Berat (0202) SEKTORI I TATIMEVE TE TJERA BERAT Berat 1,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 77221020012014 Shpenzime per te tjera materiale dhe sherbime operative Bashkia Berat 2102001,tatim ne burim