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Treasury Transaction is a service provided by AIS for ensuring information, transparency, and civic monitoring and accountability. Such service enables taxpayers to learn how their tax money is spent by their government and public institutions. The main source for such data is the Expenditure System of the Treasury Central Office. The information provided by AIS through its two portals, Spending Data Albania and Open Data Albania, contains all details about every payment, and treasury transaction carried out by the 1600 budgetary institutions in the country starting from January 2012. The data are updated on weekly basis, and are accessible, usable, and reusable by all those interested. For more detailed information on Treasury Transactions 2012, please contact us at You may also make a donation to help AIS continue offering this and other services on AIS bank account. Analyzing the records offered by this well-structured database, you may understand and monitor the following":

  • How public administration spends the money
  • Where did the funds go
  • How much is paid for different services/ cases.
  • How much money did a specific company receive from a specific institution in a period of time?
  • How much money each institute spent?
  • How much money was spent in short period of times?

  • Budget Institutions list
  • Suppliers List
  • Lista e plote e Kategori Shpenzimi
  • * Vetem Transaksionet 2014 pas Shkurtit jane kategorizuara sipas tipit te shpenzimit.

    Summary Results

    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Transactions Value Transactions Count Value Interval Interval (Registration Date) Interval (Execution Date)
    All All All 358,384,471,709.00 264,746 All => =>


    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Value Date registered Date executed Receipt No payment_reason Receipt Description
    Drejtoria e Pergjithshme Detare Durres (0707) PRO CREDIT BANK Durres 71,760 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 26810060982014 Udhetim jashte shtetit 1006098 DREJT PERGJ DETARE SHPERBLIM PER DALJE NE PENSION ILIRJAN AGARAJ
    Bashkia Durres (0707) POSTA SHQIPTARE SH.A Durres 3,228 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 70521070012014 Te tjera transferime korrente 2107001 BASHKIA DURRES SHERBIM POSTE LIK FAT NR 694 DT 31.12.2014
    Komuna Katundi I Ri (0707) "DOKSANI-G" Durres 1,508,702 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 24023680012014 Te tjera transferta tek individet 0707 KOM. KATUNDI RI 2368001 LIK FAT 89 DT 30.12.2014
    Komuna Xhafzotaj (0707) JOEHOPE Durres 356,400 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 33223660012014 Te tjera transferta tek individet 2366001 KOM XHAFZOTAJ PUNIME HIDRAULIKE NE SHKOLLA
    ALUIZNI - Drejtorite Durres + Kruje (0707) DEGA TATIM TAKSA DURRES Durres 2,061,018 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 12110940042014 Pagese paaftesie TDO 0707/ALUIZNI/KOD 1094004/ DIF. SIGURIME PRILL 2009
    Komuna Katundi I Ri (0707) "DOKSANI-G" Durres 847,952 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 24123680012014 Garanci te vitit vazhdim per sipermarje punimesh (2011 - Te Hyra) - Shpenz. per rritjen e AQT - konstruksione te rrugeve 0707 KOM. KATUNDI RI 2368001 LIK FAT 89 DT 30.12.2014
    Gjykata e rrethit Durres (0707) EMIL PRENCE/K91313505E Durres 36,000 2014-12-23 2014-12-31 35910290152014 Paga baze 1029015 TDO 0707/GJYK. RRETHIT /KOD. 1029015/ PAGESE AVOKATI
    Drejtoria Arsimore Durres (0707) SAIMIR HOXHA Durres 418,975 2014-12-29 2014-12-31 41810110072014 Paga baze V.GJYQESOR LIK. PJESOR VIOLETA BERBERI/ DREJTORIA ARSIMORE DURRES
    Drejtoria e Pergjithshme Detare Durres (0707) DEGA TATIM TAKSA DURRES Durres 12,480 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 27010060982014 Paga baze 1006098 DREJT PERGJ DETARE TATIM NE BURIM PER SHPERBLIM PER DALJE NE PENSION
    Zyra e Punes Durres (0707) RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A Durres 129,300 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 36510250072014 Paga baze 1025007 ZYRA PUNESIMIT VENDIM GJYQESOR BESMIRA BOTUSHA DHJETOR 2014
    Reparti Ushtarak Nr.2001 Durres (0707) KRISTALINA.KH Durres 150,600 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 82410170312014 Paga baze - Shtese page per vjetersi ne pune 1017031 REP USHT 2001 BLERJE KANCELARI
    Kultura & Sporti (Sht.Pushimit Dr.) (0707) ELIO MEZINI Durres 634,973 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 18710160862014 Shtese page per funksionin 1016086 SHTEPIA PUSH MIN BRENDSHME VENDIM GJYQESOR NR 3696 DT 08.10.2014 MARTIN BELESHI
    Spitali Elbasan (0808) OPERATORI I SHPERNDARJES SE ENERGJISE ELEKTRIKE Elbasan 773,889 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 77710130162014 Posta dhe sherbimi korrier 1013016 Spitali Civil Elbasan Energji kontrate nr A4658,A4657,A245247
    Spitali Psikiatrik Elbasan (0808) M.A.K STUDIO Elbasan 450,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 44310130592014 Shpenzime gjyqesore - Shpenzime per ekzekutim te vendimeve gjyqesore per largim nga puna projekt vendosje sistem kondicionimi Spitali Psikiatrik
    Bashkia Elbasan (0808) EDUART VATHI Elbasan 25,902 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 94021090012014 Te tjera transferime korrente Bashkia Elbasan shpenz botomi
    Komuna Zavaline (0808) FONDACIONI"ALCDF" Elbasan 19,635 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 19124000012014 Shpenzime gjyqesore Komuna Zavaline Elbasan hartim program zhvillimi
    Gjykata e rrethit Elbasan (0808) SANTI / ELBASAN Elbasan 275,862 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 31510290162014 Transferta per klubet dhe asociacionet e sportit roje Gjykata
    Drejtoria Rajonale Mjedisit Elbasan (0808) BAJRAMI N. Elbasan 45,480 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 7410260672014 Transferta per klubet dhe asociacionet e sportit Drejtoria Rajonale Mjedisit riparime
    Zyra rajonale te kujdesit social rrethi Elbasan (0808) DEGA TATIME ELBASAN Elbasan 13,858 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 13310250512014 Te tjera transferta tek individet Sherbimi Social Elbasan gjobe interes TAP
    Komuna Labinot Fushe (0808) POSTA SHQIPTARE SH.A Elbasan 525,620 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 26323920012014 Te tjera transferta tek individet Komuna Labinot-Fushe paaftesi