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Money&Power (One Stop Integrated Data Source) publishes data about the assets, incomes, and expenditures declared by high level officials in politics and judiciary. Such data were either declared in a certain year or before the public official took office. In any case, the respective documents contain the date in which it was submitted to the High Inspectorate of Declaration of Assets in Albania (HIDAA). Such declarations are made not only by the public officials themselves, but also by their family members, who are subject to declaration in accordance with the national legislation. Annual declarations contain information about the incomes of the respective year, properties gained during the declaring year, and expenditures, which according to the law, should be declared. The high public officials subject to such declaration include: the President of the Republic, Members of the Council of Ministers, and Mayors of main Municipalities, Members of Parliament, high-level Judges, Chief Prosecutor, and directors of independent institutions. The information they declare is published and made transparent in order to inform the public about the economic interests and assets of the high public official, who represent and govern the country. The data published under Money & Power are interlinked with those published under the Open Corporates Albania on business companies declared by individuals. The data for each individual includes the index number of the reference document submitted to the High Inspectorate for the Declaration of Assets in Albania (HIDAAA)

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Subject Name Official Position Institution
Admir THANZA Judge - Judge Constitutional Court - Supreme Court
Agim BENDO Judge Court of Appeal
Alaudin MALAJ Judge Court of Appeal
Aleksandër MUSKAJ Judge Supreme Court
Altina XHOXHAJ Judge Constitutional Court
Andi CIVICI Judge Court of Appeal in Vlora
Andi ÇELIKU Judge Supreme Court
Ardian DVORANI Judge Supreme Court
Ardian NUNI Judge Supreme Court
Ardit MUSTAFAJ Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Arjana FULLANI Judge Supreme Court
Artan BROCI Judge - Judge Supreme Court - Appeal Court
Artan ZENELI Judge Supreme Court
Artur KALAJA Judge Court of Appeal
Astrit HAXHIALUSHI Judge Court of Appeal
Bashkim DEDJA Judge Constitutional Court
Besnik IMERAJ Judge Constitutional Court
Edlira PETRI Judge Court of Appeal
Edmond GOGO Judge Court of Appeal
Edmond ISLAMAJ Judge Supreme Court
Elbana LLURI Judge Tirana District Court
Ervin METALLA Judge Court of Appeal
Etleva DEDA Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Evelina QIRJAKO Judge Supreme Court
Evjeni SINOJMERI Judge Court of Appeal
Fatmir HOXHA Judge Constitutional Court
Fatmira HAJDARI Judge Court of Appeal
Fatos LULO Judge Constitutional Court
Fatos QATO Judge Court of Appeal
Fiqirete MULLAJ Judge Court of Appeal
Flora HAJREDINAJ Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Flutura SKËNDERI Judge Court of Appeal
Fran PRENDI Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Gani DIZDARI Judge Constitutional Court
Genti SHALA Judge Court of Appeal
Gjin GJONI Judge Court of Appeal
Gramoz LEVANAJ Judge Court of Appeal
Gurali BRAHIMLLARI Judge First Instance Serious Crimes Court
Guxim ZENELAJ Judge Supreme Court
Hysni DEMIRAJ Judge Court of Appeal