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Treasury Transaction is a service provided by AIS for ensuring information, transparency, and civic monitoring and accountability. Such service enables taxpayers to learn how their tax money is spent by their government and public institutions. The main source for such data is the Expenditure System of the Treasury Central Office. The information provided by AIS through its two portals, Spending Data Albania and Open Data Albania, contains all details about every payment, and treasury transaction carried out by the 1600 budgetary institutions in the country starting from January 2012. The data are updated on weekly basis, and are accessible, usable, and reusable by all those interested. For more detailed information on Treasury Transactions 2012, please contact us at You may also make a donation to help AIS continue offering this and other services on AIS bank account. Analyzing the records offered by this well-structured database, you may understand and monitor the following":

  • How public administration spends the money
  • Where did the funds go
  • How much is paid for different services/ cases.
  • How much money did a specific company receive from a specific institution in a period of time?
  • How much money each institute spent?
  • How much money was spent in short period of times?

  • Budget Institutions list
  • Suppliers List
  • Lista e plote e Kategori Shpenzimi
  • * Vetem Transaksionet 2014 pas Shkurtit jane kategorizuara sipas tipit te shpenzimit.

    Summary Results

    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Transactions Value Transactions Count Value Interval Interval (Registration Date) Interval (Execution Date)
    All All All 358,384,471,709.00 264,746 All => =>


    Budget Institution Supplier Treasury Branch Value Date registered Date executed Receipt No payment_reason Receipt Description
    ALUIZNI - Drejtorite Fier (1), Fier (2) + Lushnje (0909) DEGA E TATIMEVE FIER Fier 51,618 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 164110940102014 Kontribute per sigurime shendetesore Aluizni Fier 1094010 te prapambetura sig Prill 2009
    Drejtoria e SHIK Fier (0909) ANDREA EMINI Fier 186,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 14310180092014 Te tjera materiale dhe sherbime speciale SH.I.SH. Fier 1018009 sherbime funerale
    Parqet Kombetare Apolloni (0909) AUTUGRIL KRASNIQI PETROL Fier 151,470 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 6510120642014 Karburant dhe vaj Parku Apollon 1012064 karburant
    Drejtoria Rajonale Tatimore Fier (0909) RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A Fier 5,956 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 610100492014 Te tjera tatime mbi te ardhurat mbajtur ne burim KTHIM SHUME E MBIPAGUAR PER AGRON VELIAJ
    Komuna Levan (0909) A & E ENGINEERING SH.P.K Fier 475,200 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 46024140012014 Shpenz. per rritjen e AQ - studime ose kerkime K Levan Fier 2414001 te prapambetura likujdim fature
    Nd-ja Pastrim Gjelbrimit (0909) DURIM COBO Fier 45,480 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 19021110082014 Pjese kembimi, goma dhe bateri PJESE KEMBIMI PER NDERRMARJEN E PASTRIMIT FIER
    Qendra Ekonomike Kultures (0909) DEGA E TATIMEVE FIER Fier 50,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 29921110042014 Shpenzime per honorare TSTIM NE BURIM NGA DREJT E ARTIT DHE KULTURES FIER
    Qendra Ekonomike Kultures (0909) C.C.S. Fier 10,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 27221110042014 Kancelari MATERIALE PER DREJTORINE E ARTIT DHE KULTURES FIER
    Klubi I Futbollit Fier (0909) FIRST INVESTIMENT BANK - ALBANIA SH.A Fier 306,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 24821110132014 Shpenzime per honorare SHPERBLIM NGA SHUMESPORTI FIER
    Klubi I Futbollit Fier (0909) UJESJELLSI FIER Fier 8,940 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 25321110132014 Uje QERSHOR 2014 SHUMESPORTI FIER
    ALUIZNI - Drejtorite Fier (1), Fier (2) + Lushnje (0909) DEGA E TATIMEVE FIER Fier 22,502 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 17010940102014 Paga baze Aluizni Fier 1094010 te prapambetura sig Korrik 2009
    ALUIZNI - Drejtorite Fier (1), Fier (2) + Lushnje (0909) DEGA E TATIMEVE FIER Fier 600,401 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 166110940102014 Kontribute per sigurime shoqerore Aluizni Fier 1094010 te prapambetura sig Maj 2009
    Parqet Kombetare Bylis (0909) BYLYS 2003 Fier 9,805 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 3810120652014 Karburant dhe vaj Parqet Kombetare Bylis 1012065 likujdim fature
    Drejtoria Rajonale Tatimore Fier (0909) "BITI - MO" Fier 898,248 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 5110100492014 TVSH mbi mallrat dhe sherbimet brenda vendit RIMBURSIM PER SUBJEKTIN BITI MO
    Reparti i NSH Fier (0909) NEXHAT MEHONIQI (L03202402E) Fier 29,957 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 28510160192014 Kancelari K.Policise N.SHFier 1016019 kancelari diference fature
    Drejtoria Vendore e Policise Fier (0909) ALÇE Fier 42,398 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 55310160272014 Te tjera transferta tek individet D Policise Fier 101627 likujdim fature
    Parqet Kombetare Apolloni (0909) JUPITER COMPUTER SYSTEMS Fier 139,505 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 6910120642014 Sherbime te printimit dhe publikimit Parku Apollon 1012064 materiale
    Drejtoria Rajonale Tatimore Fier (0909) BANKA SOCIETE GENERALE ALBANIA Fier 7,220 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 710100492014 Te tjera tatime mbi te ardhurat mbajtur ne burim KTHIM SHUME E MBIPAGUAR PERPLATON PEPA
    Drejtoria Rajonale Tatimore Fier (0909) FABIAN 07 Fier 588,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 1110100492014 Tatim mbi fitimin nga subjektet e sektorit privat KTHIM DETYRIME TE PAGUARA TEPER FABIANI 07
    Komuna Levan (0909) VELIAJ PETROL Fier 360,192 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 46124140012014 Karburant dhe vaj K Levan Fier 2414001 likujdim fature