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Treasury transactions is a service offered by AIS to provide information, transparency, monitoring and accountability for taxpayers. The service enables citizens to learn how public institutions spend their money. The primary source for these data is the Central Treasury Office spending system. Information provided by AIS through Spending Data Albania and Open Data Albania lists every payment, treasury transaction made by the 1895 budgetary institutions in the country. The data are complete from January 2012 to date. The database is updated every week. The data can be accessed, used and reused by everyone. Search filters enable information by date, institution, beneficiary client, type of expenditure, transaction value, and key word(s). For more information and knowledge about the methodology, please write to Analyzing the records of this well-structured database, one can understand and monitor::

  • How the Albanian administration and state spend taxpayers' money
  • Where allocated funds go
  • How much is paid for certain services and projects.
  • How much money each institution spent
  • How much money is paid at certain time intervals
  • Etc

  • Institution List
  • Supplier List
  • Lista e plote e Kategori Shpenzimi
  • * Vetem Transaksionet 2014 pas Shkurtit jane kategorizuara sipas tipit te shpenzimit.


    Institution Beneficiary Treasury Branch Transactions Value No Transactions Limit value Interval (date registration) Interval (date execute)
    All All All 358,384,471,709.00 264,746 All => =>

    *Te dhenat e ketij sherbimi jane te aksesueshme ne web-in zyrtar "Drejtoria e Pergjithshme e Thesarit"

    Institution Beneficiary Treasury Branch Value Date registration Data executed Invoice No Payment Reason Invoice description
    Spitali Psikiatrik Elbasan (0808) DELIA IMPEX Elbasan 1,421,960 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 43810130592014 Shpenz.per miremb.e rrugeve, veprave ujore, rrjeteve hidraulike, elektrike, telefonike, ngrohje etj mirembajtje e objekteve ndertimore Spitali Psikiatrik
    Spitali Elbasan (0808) MESSER ALBAGASS SH.P.K Elbasan 17,616 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 77010130162014 Ilaçe dhe materiale mjeksore Spitali Civil Elbasan Oksigjen i gazte
    Drejtoria Arsimore Elbasan (0808) POSTA SHQIPTARE SH.A Elbasan 1,458,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 43510110082014 Te tjera transferta tek individet SHPERBLIM NXENESIT E DALLUAR DREJT.ARSIMORE RAJONALE LEDIA SALIU BB8953245
    Drejtoria Arsimore Elbasan (0808) BANKA KOMBETARE E GREQISE Elbasan 104,400 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 43210110082014 Shperblime per rezultate ne pune SHPERBLIM MESUESIT E DALLUAR DREJT.ARSIMORE RAJONALE LEDIA SALIU BB8953245
    Drejtoria Arsimore Elbasan (0808) DEGA TATIME ELBASAN Elbasan 208,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 43310110082014 Shperblime per rezultate ne pune TATIM SHPERBLIM MESUESIT NIPT .K52905218Q486022 DREJT.ARSIMORE RAJONALE
    Universiteti "A. Xhuvani", Elbasan (0808) ALBANIAN BUSINESS PARTNER Elbasan 78,120 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 39810110992014 Sherbime te tjera mirembajtje Universiteti El
    ALUIZNI - Drejtorite Elbasan (1) + Elbasan (2) (0808) DEGA TATIME ELBASAN Elbasan 26,719 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 PT19210940052014 Te tjera paga me kontrate Sig.Shendetsore.Punt.Kontrate Nipt.K63311204P484016 Aluizni
    ALUIZNI - Drejtorite Elbasan (1) + Elbasan (2) (0808) DEGA TATIME ELBASAN Elbasan 149,312 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 19110940052014 Te tjera paga me kontrate Sig.Shoq.Punt.Kontrate Nipt.K63311204P484016 Aluizni
    Komuna Gjergjan (0808) POSTA SHQIPTARE SH.A Elbasan 1,008,420 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 37023870012014 Ndihme ekonomike Komuna Gjergjan Elbasan NDIHME EKONOMIKE
    Zyra e Punes Elbasan (0808) ARDIT SHABANAJ Elbasan 8,465 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 31510250082014 Subvencion per te nxitur punesimin (Paga) Zyra e Punes Elbasan kancelari
    Qarku Elbasan (0808) DEGA TATIME ELBASAN Elbasan 12,420 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 44220480012014 Te tjera transferta tek individet SIG.SHENDETSORE NIPT.K52905206048101W QENDRA AUTIKE KESHILLI QARKUT
    Prefektura e qarkut Elbasan (0808) BANKA KOMBETARE TREGTARE Elbasan 466,856 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 46910160622014 Shpenzime per ekzekutim te vendimeve gjyqesore per largim nga puna Prefektura Elbasan vendim gjyqi Arjan Lumi llogari (519804028)
    Prefektura e qarkut Elbasan (0808) "SIGAL"(UNIQA GROUP AUSTRIA) Elbasan 336,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 46610160622014 Shpenzimet e siguracionit te mjeteve te transportit Prefektura siguracion mjeti
    Spitali Psikiatrik Elbasan (0808) IMI - FARMA Elbasan 28,896 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 43710130592014 Ilaçe dhe materiale mjeksore blerje vaksine Spitali Psikiatrik
    Spitali Elbasan (0808) ALBERT KRRABA Elbasan 8,100 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 77110130162014 Shpenzime te tjera transporti Spitali Civil Elbasan Ngjitje gome
    Spitali Elbasan (0808) GENIUS SHPK Elbasan 302,640 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 74610130162014 Ilaçe dhe materiale mjeksore Spitali Civil Elbasan kite dhe reagente
    Spitali Elbasan (0808) OPERATORI I SHPERNDARJES SE ENERGJISE ELEKTRIKE Elbasan 128,042 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 77610130162014 Elektricitet 1013016 Spitali Civil Elbasan Energji kontrate nr A8620
    Spitali Psikiatrik Elbasan (0808) ERGI Elbasan 3,482,376 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 44010130592014 Shpenzime per mirembajtjen e objekteve ndertimore riparim i tarraces Spitali Psikiatrik
    Universiteti "A. Xhuvani", Elbasan (0808) RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.A Elbasan 10,000 2014-12-30 2014-12-31 39510110992014 Te tjera transferta tek individet shperblim student ekselence Universiteti El
    Drejtoria Arsimore Elbasan (0808) INA Elbasan 1,545,254 2014-12-31 2014-12-31 43810110082014 Garanci te vitit vazhdim per sipermarje punimesh (2011 - Te Hyra) PAISJE QE SIG,ENERGJI DREJT.ARSIMORE RAJONALE