Treasury Transactions 2012 - 2013 (Mbi 400,000 transaksione te regjistruara)

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Treasury transactions is a service offered by AIS to provide information, transparency, monitoring and accountability for taxpayers. The service enables citizens to learn how public institutions spend their money. The primary source for these data is the Central Treasury Office spending system. Information provided by AIS through Spending Data Albania and Open Data Albania lists every payment, treasury transaction made by the 1895 budgetary institutions in the country. The data are complete from January 2012 to date. The database is updated every week. The data can be accessed, used and reused by everyone. Search filters enable information by date, institution, beneficiary client, type of expenditure, transaction value, and key word(s). For more information and knowledge about the methodology, please write to [email protected] Analyzing the records of this well-structured database, one can understand and monitor::

  • How the Albanian administration and state spend taxpayers' money
  • Where allocated funds go
  • How much is paid for certain services and projects.
  • How much money each institution spent
  • How much money is paid at certain time intervals
  • Etc


Institution Beneficiary Treasury Branch Transactions Value No Transactions Limit value Interval (date registration) Interval (date execute)
All ADM All 1,198,011.00 5 All => =>


Institution Beneficiary Treasury Branch Value Date registration Data executed Invoice No Invoice description
Sp. Sarande (3731) ADM Sarande 200,394 2012-02-14 2012-02-20 2910130842012 SHP NGA SPITALI
Sp. Sarande (3731) ADM Sarande 415,797 2012-04-10 2012-04-18 6910130842012 SHP USHQIME NGA SPITALI
Sp. Sarande (3731) ADM Sarande 338,010 2012-09-21 2012-09-24 18810130842012 SHP USHQIMI NGA SPITALI
Sp. Sarande (3731) ADM Sarande 128,400 2013-02-12 2013-02-18 2210130842013 SHP.USHQIME NGA SPITALI
Sp. Sarande (3731) ADM Sarande 115,410 2013-06-25 2013-08-05 14210130842013 SHP USHQIME NGA SPITALI SR
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