Manual on Integration of the Service on a different Web

The purpose of this manual is to describe how Transparent Data and Well-Structured Datasets of this Platform could be integrated into a different portal/web. This service provides information on the Budgets of three municipalities, Përrenjas, Cërrik, Belsh, by their Economic Classification of Actual Expenditures (Transactions):

This system is about increasing transparency over the use of public funds. The term Actual Expenditure refers to the definition used in the International Federation of Accountants Standard for the Public Sector 24 (IFAC, 2013, page 801) for "actual amounts", which are defined as amounts resulting from the execution of the budget.

The data are visualized in a very dynamic format, which is easy to understand for people, who do not necessarily have advanced knowledge of public finances.

Monitor Actual Budget service for these three municipalities could be integrated on their website, the website of a media outlet, or into the website of a local organization engaged in ensuring transparency, civic participation and accountability. The process of integrating this service into a different website could be done by anyone, who maintains and uploads data on the web. The integration of such service into an official website makes local government units more transparent and better monitored. Information enables citizens to learn and react.

Thus: To integrate the data about the transactions of a municipality for a given year, add the following to the HTML of your website:









For any difficulties or technical suggestions you might have about the process of integrating this service into a different web, please do not hesitate to write to: or The subject of your email should be “Manual on the Integration of the Service into a different Web”.


Thank you!