The 2016 Budget according to the Economic Classification of the Local Government Unit, Belsh Municipality (in ALL)

*The amounts are in ALL
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Albanian Institute of Science (AIS) within the framework of the Open Government for Corruption project, supported by the "Anticorruption and Capacity Development" sub-grant fund under the EU-funded CIVILISC project , implemented by IDM in partnership with the RiskMonitor Foundation, Bulgaria, has visualized budgets according to the Factual Expenditure Economic Classification for three municipalities: Perrenjas, Cërrik, Belsh.

Budget Expenditures Economic Classification is based on the system suggested by the International Monetary Fund for Public Finance Statistics (IMF, 2001 Government Finance Statistics Manual, Chapter 6) with the intention to increase transparency in the use of public funds.The proposed classification of transactions complies with Law No. 9936, dated 26.6.2008 On the Management of the Budgetary System in the Republic of Albania, Article 11, Budget Classifications, in which is provided the economic classification of transactions according to their nature and International Accounting Standards (IPSAS 1, points 46, 112, 116).Actual Expenditures refers to the definition used in the International Public Sector Accounting Standard 24 (IFAC 2013, page 801) for Actual Amounts, which are described as amounts resulting from the execution of the budget.

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